The Holistic Sanctuary, A Different Take on Drug Rehab Centers

Drug use is very common around the world. Many people try one or more substances. Unfortunately, there are many that get addicted to drugs. This has many negative effects on that person’s life. Drug use effects the health, work, relationships with family members, friends and significant others. People that are addicted to drugs and do not receive help are at risk to lose everything they have. Fortunately, there are many different drug rehab centers that have the tools to rid people of their addiction. For example, the holistic sanctuary is a center that specializes in drug addictions.

This is a well known center that puts more focus on the brain in order to heal. Because of this, the methods developed have a 90% success rate for people addicted to heroine, cocaine, alcohol and other substances. Their success rate is high because their methods are completely natural. For instance, Ayahuasca and Ibogaine are given to patients. These are medicines derived from plants and have great effects on people that are recovering from addictions.

It is a known fact that organs have the ability to repair themselves, this also includes the brain. The center mentioned above is unlike any other drug rehab center because it has a method that helps the brain repair itself to before the person was addicted to the drug. It is believed, that until the person’s brain can go back to how it was before the person started doing drugs, that only then will they have permanent results of being drug free. The center focuses more of a holistic, natural and organic approach, whereas other facilities rely on harmful medications to help addicts stop taking drugs.

The center is able to successfully help their patients by starting them on a detox program to rid the body of the harmful toxins stored there. Then, stem cell therapy and oxygen therapy are used to rebuild the brain cells. From there, the cause of the addiction is uncovered and eliminated. Finally, changes in lifestyle are put in place so that the person can lead a healthy life full of opportunity and happiness.