The Pain Was Bad After My Accident

If you would have asked me a month ago if I would be thankful to have a chiropractor in Sacramento, I would have wondered what planet you are from. That is how quickly life can change though. One day about four weeks ago, I was nearly a mile from my house. I was looking forward to soaking in a hot tub for a while, then pouring myself into my bed. It was just that kind of day. However, I ended up spending the night in the hospital because a car ran a traffic light and hit me head on.

I am very thankful that neither of us were killed because it didn’t look like anyone should have been able to survive the accident after looking at both of the cars involved. He got hurt a lot worse than me. He was in a coma for nearly a week, and he had to have multiple surgeries. I just had to spend the night in the hospital for observation. I didn’t have any broken bones, but I was diagnosed with a head contusion along with multiples scrapes and cuts that had to be treated. The pain was the worse part of it, and that is why I consulted a chiropractor.

I have heard that after a car accident, the pain can often get a lot worse in the days and weeks following it. I was already hurting enough, and I sure did not want it to get any worse. I made an appointment for the day after I was released, and it turned out to be a good thing because the pain did get worse. I was able to fight against it though because my chiropractic adjustments had already started. Just knowing that the pain would have been worse without that is something I am so glad I did not have to experience!