I Wanted to Live a Life That is Very Different from the One That I Was Leading

Alone in a new country, I was full of excitement. I told myself that I was not going to let fear get in my way, and it turns out that having fear was really unnecessary. I make enough money that allows me to get through most things without trouble. I had heard a lot about the New Futura in Singapore and I wanted to a secure a residence there first thing. I bought a unit to live in there, and while I waited for my move-in day, I stayed in a hotel. My new job was not to start for a month, so I spent my free time during that money learning about the people and businesses in the area.

I’ve never been very adventurous, and that is actually what led me to moving to an entirely different country. I was growing increasingly tired with my boring life and I needed something different. I didn’t like where my life was headed. I looked for different ways to make my life more meaningful back home, but I continued to feel unsettled and unhappy. At some point, I learned about Americans who teach ESL classes in other countries. I assumed that teaching experience would be needed, but it isn’t.

I started out by getting hired with a company that allows you to use your webcam to teach classes from home. I fell in love with all of my students, and that led me to wanting to know more about the country where they all live. I liked my job a lot, but I was looking for more. I decided to pack my bags and move to Singapore to teach in person. Here, I have finally found a new spark in life and I am happier that I am doing something that is outside of my comfort zone.