Jim Plante Information

Jim Plante is renowned as a biotechnology leader. His interest in health technology sparked when he started working for his father’s medical company. His interest further grew when his father passed away from polycystic kidney disease complications. Unfortunately, it was not common for the disease to be tested then, and the disease was not found in time to delay kidney failure. This sparked Jim’s ambition for preventative health.


Jim earned a degree in Electrical Engineering at Southern Illinois University. He worked for 25 years as a technology entrepreneur. With his dad in thought, his main focus was biotechnology. Mr. Plante worked at Beltronics. Beltronics is a provider of high-performance millimeter wave radar. While working there Jim helped launch a new company product, that put the company back on financial track within a year. Mr. Plante also worked for E-Band Communication. 

While working for this company he launched the first multigigabit capacity band communications links for mobile infrastructure. After launching this Mr. Plante achieved one global market share. After working for E-Band Communication, Jim founded SmartDrive Systems. This company is responsible for vehicle safety by using GPS and the latest audio innovation. His successful company employed over 400 individuals.

Pathway Genomics

For nine years Mr. Plante worked as the CEO of Pathway Genomics. This company offers state of the art advanced genetic testing. Mr. Plante had wanted to start this company for over 30 years, remembering his father’s disease. When his father was diagnosed with his condition, it was too late to delay kidney failure. Genetic testing was also extremely expensive, and Jim wanted it to be affordable for everyone. His mission was to ensure that genetic testing was available to those who cannot afford it. Mr. 

Plante believes that testing for genetic disorders is important because it can be passed down to children from parents. Mr. Plante is very interested in preventing and curing the diseases of kidneys. He is the founder of Foundation for Kidney Transplant Research. Along with this, he has many patents for biotechnical products. He also was appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce as a member of the International Trade Advisory Committee. Mr. Plante is held in high regard for all of his achievements and accomplishments for biotechnology.